A Duval County Language Arts Award winning writer, Richard Reep’s prolific writing career focuses on architecture, art, technology, and urban futures.  His optimistic view of the future of the city, and of Florida, leads him to new speaking and writing assignments.

Publications by Mr. Reep are featured in Poolside Press, and are available for purchase.

Regarding Architecture and Technology:  He is a columnist for The Examiner and contributes to Juicy Temples.

Regarding the quality of the built environment in Florida, he is Contributing Editor to The New Geography, a weblog by Dr. Joel Kotkin and the New America Foundation.

Regarding Art:  Mr. Reep writes art reviews for The Orlando Weekly newspaper.

Regarding Urban Futures:  He has been cited by noted futurist Dr. Joel Kotkin’s new book, The Next Hundred Million, and been quoted in The Economist Magazine.