Upcoming Appearances

Richard Reep’s upcoming appearances include:

A Design History of Winter Park, October 17 – Mr. Reep will present a history of the urban design of this city, from its earliest form as “Lakeview” to the 1930s. Casa Feliz, 656 Park Avenue, Winter Park, FL 7pm.

Underpinnings of Good Design, November 14 – Mr. Reep will host Brooks Weiss and David Hardison, who will share the government’s role in creating a climate in which good design can flourish.┬áCasa Feliz, 656 Park Avenue, Winter Park, FL 7pm.

AQUA International Contemporary Art Fair Miami, December 6-7, 2017. Mr. Reep’s concrete sculpture will be featured at AQUA Miami, the contemporary art exhibit that will take place at the Aqua Hotel at 1530 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL.

The Monument as Art, April 2018 – Mr. Reep will be keynote speaker for an exhibit opening at the City Arts Factory, speaking about the role of monument architecture and art in our city. 29 S. Orange Avenue, Orlando, FL.


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