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The new homogeneity

The explorer in all of us delights in moving beyond civilization’s edge, seeking a place where human structures dissolve into the wilderness.  For me, the return from the Everglades had a different effect:  I reveled in nature’s rich variety, in … Continue reading

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Trust in the waste stream: cement works update

March 2015 – On Virginia Drive in Audubon Park, a homeowner graciously donated old plywood sheathing.  He already helpfully cut it into segments that were perfect to construct boxes for the concrete forms.  This anonymous Orlando homeowner became an unwitting … Continue reading

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Boiling hippos

Awash with newfound prosperity, pent-up demand unleashed like a pack of hungry wolves, this post-recessional period is superficially similar to postwar America.  Returning GIs, who suffered deprivation for as long as fifteen years (first the Great Depression and then the … Continue reading

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