I’m sick of dystopia.

While talking with Scott Specht over dinner one evening, the subject of dystopia came up. “I’m sick of dystopia,” he declared. The statement later struck me personally as an attitude change of the first order of magnitude.

Here I’d been conceiving and executing concrete sculpture that suggests dystopia. I had been scheming to pick up used aquariums and terrariums off the curb and create, inside them, little microhells out of concrete, embedding cell phones, passwords and logins, red stoplights and blue spinning wheels. I had been seeing the world increasingly through dystopian filters.

And then, just like that, it has evaporated. If dystopia is intuitive, then Utopia is counterintiutive.

The utopia that I am choosing to examine right now is Charles Fourier’s Phalanstery. Attached are some images of the Phalanstery in progress.

The Phalanstery, a work in progress

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