Design in a new era

Global design award winner Florida Hospital for Women, designed by Richard Reep with a team at VOA Architects, is now being scheduled for its fifth design tour by world-class architects and designers.  The tour will take place later this spring, and details will be added to “upcoming appearances”.

July 3 is the expected opening date for the Rita, the experimental residence under construction in Sarasota, Florida.  This residence advances the sufficiency and minimalilsm principles of Sarasota School Architecture, and ties them to a contemporary zen-approach to materialism and constructability.  An opening party will be announced shortly.

Recently, it was my pleasure to provide “A Design History of Winter Park” which has been requested for a fall “Parlor Series” at Casa Feliz.  The talk may be adapted a bit, but the topic is interesting and not well covered by current literature.

“Interim Form” debuted at the Art Gallery at Mills Park, featuring the art of Dina Mack and Richard Reep.  Concrete sculptures were my contribution to this gallery.  The gallery is about to release a documentary about the exhibit, details upcoming.

I will be going back into the classroom on May 23 to teach ENV 191, “Humanscapes,” which is basically the design history of the city.  Since the Olin Library was unable to find room in their tiny computer servers to keep any of the course reserves, we will be doing a very hands-on course with fewer readings.  It might be better anyway.

I am fortunate to have been commissioned to prepare a design for the Zion Hill Fellowship Hall, which I will do with my brother, architect John Reep.  This is an exciting urban design and architectural design opportunity.

And finally, personally, I am taking a step forward in moving towards minimalism and hope to announce an architectural practice in a newer, smaller location this summer.  As families mature, typically they purchase houses larger and larger.  We are going against the trend – bifurcating – by intentionally buying a house that is smaller.  With a family of 3, we will be able to reduce our basis, our debt, and free ourselves up to make and to travel.


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