2016 Monolith production notes

The production of monolith casting boxes is currently in active mode.  11 boxes lie waiting for final touches before casting in concrete.  These are the chosen monoliths out of the couple-dozen sketch ideas.   Two boxes remain – big ones – that are potentially part of this casting series.  These will need some thought about their nature.  For one thing, the size will create great weight.  For another, it will make these more likely to crack.

Glass continues in a motif of the monolith.  Our postmodern, unprivate existence is characterized by wide expanses of glass.  In the monolith, bits of glass will be visible.


The  monoliths suggest components of a city.

  • A studio, for a writer of neither fiction nor nonfiction.
  • A Baltic ship mechanic’s office near the gray-green wharf.
  • A temple from a lost mexo-polynesian culture, with an associated petroglyph.
  • A loft space, converted into a cottage industry, only partially successful.
  • A retired ski waxer’s shed.
  • Village of the Third Incan rebellion.

And so on.  Each monolith is created from concrete, and is decidedly twenty-first century.  These items could not be of any other time, of course.  There will be more:

  • An industrial mandala
  • Skyscraper tombs
  • Terra cotta street intersections.

I did a few extemporaenously – that is, there was no predecessor sketch.  These remain in a Heisenberg-like uncertainty state until they are uncorked from their forms, and then the names will come.




The Rita

The Rita is a tiny house under 500 SF that will be constructed in Sarasota, Florida.

The Rita respects the design principles of the Walker Guest House:

  • Raised off the ground to float lightly over the land
  • Free Plan
  • Plywood walls, floors
  • Modular kitchen space

The particular form of the Rita derives from its position relative to the Gulf of Mexico and the loft, which will be on the west, or Gulf-facing side.

The Rita will be constructed of wood, designed in a modular manner to minimize cutting.  For example the floor will be 14′ wide so 14′ floor framing members can be used without cutting, and 16′ roof framing members can be used without cutting.


Type: one bedroom with storage loft, meeting FBC and FHA minimum size standards

Construction type:  wood framing (Type V)

Foundation type:  open foundation, using poured-in-place concrete piers

Area:  459 SF

Length:  34′

Width:  14′

Height:  16′


Conceptual design sheet $35.00

Full plans and specifications, ready for permit in your municipality:  $5,000.00

Construction cost will vary from location to location.  Consult a qualified general contractor.

To order plans please write rtreep@gmail.com or call 407-408-4953 anytime.

J W Marriott, Phuket, Thailand

with 250 rooms and 120 luxury villas, the J W Marriott on Mai Kao Beach opened in the early 2000s.  This mixed-use destination resort features a long section of golden sand beach facing the Andaman Sea, three pool areas and is nestled in a coconut plantation.

As concept designer I worked with local artist and landscape architect Bill Bensley to create a unique and beautiful sense of place for this destination resort.  The interior design was by John Lightbody of Abacus Design, and both combined local materials and artisans to maximize an exotic sense of escape.

Typical buffet bar

Samana Village

This village, on the north coast of the Dominican Republic, is envisioned as a sustainable development project by extending the economy of Samana, a thriving settlement of 20,000 people.

Samana was first settled by Europeans in 1799, when Napoleon (then sovereign over Hispanola) commissioned a study for a navy base here.  It is a rare deepwater port in the tropical New World.

Land:  22 hectare

Scope:  400-key hotel, waterfront marina, workspace, apartments, and luxury villas in contemporary Caribbean architectural flavor.

Samana village hillside