Art Show Review – “Sorry U Missed Us” at Redefine

The “Sorry U Missed Us” art installation show at Redefine Gallery features work by Socky Chop, Decoy, Neosoe, and Tobar. Redefine Gallery is located at 213 N. Magnolia Avenue in Downtown Orlando. Along with Dolla Bill at Bold Hype and Bryce Hammond at Millenia, three galleries showing six street artists marks a milestone in this art form in Central Florida.

Outsiders view Orlando as an ephemeral city, identified universally with theme parks and the architecture of escapism.  Competing with Las Vegas for visitors, Disney World and the other theme parks exhibit the talents of a vast group of artists and artisans, whose work is viewed by visitors worldwide.  That works now belongs to Orlando’s classical period, while today the city’s visual artists find themselves under pressure, not from above but from below, as street artists rise up to the surface in the visual arts scene. Orlando’s unique sense of place can be reinforced with this art form, and street artists can help reinvent our ephemeral, theme-park ridden town as a contributor to this cutting-edge, worldwide art movement.

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