Publications, Papers, and Citations

2010                               Citation, The Next Hundred Million by Joel Kotkin, Penguin Press

                                        Cited on the rise of new localism and the importance of urban regionalism

July 5, 2009                 Citation, “RS21C makes art center alive again,” Orlando Sentinel

                                        Art Critic Philip Booth reviews Richard Reep’s contribution to this group exhibit

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                                        Independent Scholar Egberto Almenas reviews Richard Reep’s theory and artwork

December 2008          The Abstract City, RS21, December 2008

                                        3-part essay presented to private research group concerning design and technology

2007-present               Contributing Editor, The New Geography (ongoing)

                                        Online Periodical discussing and analyzing places where we live and work

                                        Author, over 30 articles reporting on the changing sense of place in Florida

November 2007         Citation “City of the Future”, The Economist Magazine

                                        Interview regarding new development trends; analysis of New Urbanism

2009 – present            Contributing Writer, Orlando Weekly (ongoing)

                                        Art and Architecture criticism

                                        Author, Over 40 articles of theory and criticism

2007                               Global Cooling, self-published pamphlet

                                        Graphic hypothesis of future states of cities

August 2006                “Innovation in Hospitality”, Hotel Business Magazine, August 2006

                                        Interview regarding design trends

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                                        Artwork portfolio, narrative and essays

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November 2001         Resort Design Trends, Resort Investment Conference, November 2001

                                        Paper presented in Orlando, Florida on trends in design

2000                               Assault Upon Place, self-published pamphlet

                                        Thesis regarding western science’s effects upon traditional eastern housing

1997                               Architecture and the City, University of Manchester 1999

                                        Urban Morphology Interest Group

                                        3-part essay on urban trends