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The other side of south Florida

South Florida connotes a certain lifestyle in media and popular culture.  Miami’s bright, tall energy has always been intertwined with the Florida Everglades’ quiet, flat landscape – low, grassy plains soaked with swampwater and edged by dense jungle. The seam … Continue reading

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The solid state house

Housing will take a great leap forward when the house becomes married to the concept of “solid state.”  The Qwave will be the beginning of this revolution, when solid state – i.e., no moving parts – becomes meshed into notion … Continue reading

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The butterfly effect

When Edward Lorenz coined the term “butterfly effect” in 1969, he was talking about weather patterns, not art.  His theory that a puff of air from a butterfly’s wings could, in the right circumstances, amplify into a hurricane, was radical … Continue reading

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Boiling hippos

Awash with newfound prosperity, pent-up demand unleashed like a pack of hungry wolves, this post-recessional period is superficially similar to postwar America.  Returning GIs, who suffered deprivation for as long as fifteen years (first the Great Depression and then the … Continue reading

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