White Wall Gallery Welcomes Kim Mathis and Richard Reep

The White Wall Gallery welcomes Kimberly Mathis and Richard Reep in an exhibit of art through January 31, 2015.  The ideas and themes in this art have evolved for the past decade and culminated in “The Phenomenology of Reinvention” as both artists explore the reinvention of our society and roles.  Proceeds from sales will go to benefit the restoration of the historic 1885 Capen House in  Winter Park.

“We are pleased to re-open The White Wall Gallery at ScanDesign,” stated Kristin League, Gallery Director.  “Richard and Kim’s work is exciting and refreshing, and we are sharing this work in many ways.  We are pleased to host their exhibit as a way of re-introducing The White Wall Gallery to the growing Central Florida art scene, bring work to light that fits with our contemporary aesthetic, and help an important project, the Capen House restoration.”

Kim Mathis, with a Bachelor of Arts from University of Central Florida, is a ceramic artist with award-winning work and a nationwide following.  Her wall sculptures explore women’s changing roles, both as individuals and members of society.  “Bonds 2,” one of her most recent pieces, is an evolution of an earlier art statement “Bonds,” made especially for this exhibit.  “I wanted to express the bonds that women have between each other,” stated Ms Mathis, “and the conversations we have that strengthen our ties together.”  This and other works are featured in this exhibit.

Richard Reep, with a Master of Architecture from the University of Florida, expresses architectonic spaces and moods created by these spaces.  He does this through paintings, drawings, assemblage, and most recently, sculpture.  “When I bought an electric car, I wanted to say goodbye to oil,” he explained, and began painting oil rigs as architectural objects.  Meanwhile, he has continued to express his love of the process of construction by harvesting materials from his construction sites and re-assembling the wood, bits of metal, and other found objects into art that recall Rauschenberg’s “combines” and, earlier, Marcel Duchamp’s “readymades.”  Within each one, individual components may be recognized, but they sum up to greater statements about the craftsmen who came before and who share in the making of the art.

Most recently, Reep has prepared a series of art statements made from ordinary cement.  “The surface texture, its possibilities for solid/void statements, becomes endless,” he stated.  Integrating other elements, whether terra cotta tile or scale model components, give each piece an atmosphere and suggest a world.  “Internal Destruction” cast scale model building components into a larger concrete shape referring to the vernacular of industrial structures.

White Wall Gallery will exhibit these artists until January 31, 2015.  Gallery hours are 10am – 7pm Monday-Friday, Saturday from 10am – 6pm, and Sunday from 12:30pm – 5:30pm.  For more information contact Kristin League at 407-682-5343 or via email at kristin@thewhitewall.com.