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Visions of abundance and beauty

Fleetingly at first, like gossamer visions, a glimpse of the future has passed before me in the last year or two, come quickly and vanished.  Last fall, one specific event seemed to bring this vision powerfully to life, only to … Continue reading

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When did we fall in love?

As we plunge into the fourteenth year of the new millennium, the fruit-basket-upset of the recession seems to be slowly resolving itself into several clear trajectories.  It is as if America, for all of its confused and contradictory yawping, collectively … Continue reading

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Book Review – Replacement Children by Rick Maloy

After the ball dropped I finished “Replacement Children,” Rick Maloy’s second novel. In this story, Charlie Wood, a trailer-park livin’ and barely employed ex-marine, gets hired as a driver for a wealthy widow to take her to her youngest son’s funeral in Key West. At the funeral he gets entangled in her children’s rather vicious sibling rivalry, brings her home, and then unwittingly draws his wife, Desiree, into the lives of the wealthy family. The tension between the affluent and the poor of the South mounts as the children try to extricate them to get at their mother’s money, and Charlie and his wife are increasingly pressured in this strange world of wealth and privilege, snared into the title’s role. The pressure gradually builds until a weak point shows itself in both the wealthy world as well as the working-class world when they collide. Continue reading

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