The bar is open at the Hyatt Grand Cypress Resort

The bar is open, and paradise awaits you at the Hyatt Grand Cypress Resort.

Paradise is indeed waiting for you…escape to Orlando’s newest pool bar at the Hyatt Grand Cypress Resort.  Brought to you by Richard Reep Architecture and Design, along with Hotel Services, Inc. this pool bar opened in March to rave reviews by the property’s General Manager Paul Tang, Hyatt Corporation’s Mike Ward, and of course the international jet-set who come to the Hyatt for fun and relaxation in Orlando.

Justin here would love to crank up those blenders behind him and mix you a margarita, pina colada, or another delicious concoction to while away the warm, sunny Florida afternoons.  Come down to visit Orlando’s four-star resort and enjoy the beautiful, vernacular Asian-themed contemporary architecture.

Hoteliers are staying competitive with new amenity packages. Along with world-class firms like EDSA, Richard Reep Architecture and Design is in demand to help create the destinations of the 21st century.

2400 Edgewater Drive, College Park

After a 1940s era roof sagged over the sidewalk, the Owner’s representative asked for an updated design that reflected the character of Edgewater Drive.  The new fascia respects the original design, with a glyph over each column, and provides a streamlined, clean appearance.  Special sun shade fabric was chosen to screen the afternoon sunlight while allowing visibility to the signage band along the building’s wall.

Today, the building functions as the heart of College Park’s active epitome district.