Agricultural machinery

Several machines are taking shape at Poolside Studios.  Re-ordering the disorder present in the immediate geography, much discarded material has been harvested and being re-ordered into this work.

One of the many notions roiling about in the artist’s head is that of the “spaceman economy” so proclaimed by philosopher Kenneth Boulding.  The notion is that throughput, or volumes of production and consumption, is out of place and undesireable in the coming economy.  Rather, Boulding advocates  stock maintenance instead:  technological change which results in the maintenance of a given stock with lessened throughput.  In this sense, the artist has been careful to make art only out of material that was otherwise discarded.  No consumption of art supplies has happened, but rather technological change has occured to the discarded wood and metal objects in order to keep them around (maintain them as part of our capital stock).