Richard Reep in group exhibit at downtown library

Seed, Orlando’s Art Alliance, will exhibit artwork at the Orlando Downtown Library, beginning 3rd of January 2011 through to February 26, 2011.  This group exhibit will include the artwork of Richard Reep, Sonja Shoemaker, and Thomas Thorsprecken.  The Orange County Library system allows public viewing of the library during its normal library hours.

The Michtam by Richard Reep

The beauty of weatherstained wood, and the beauty of books that bear evidence of the human hand, are rarely appreciated in our time.  Contemplating our current economic transition, the nonsense word “mick-tom” kept coming to mind as these pieces converged in the studio. 

After completing them, research astoundingly revealed that michtam is the name ascribed to a collection of four poems, originally thought to be written during the second millennium BCE.  Their motif is stunningly appropriate for our era’s troubled zeitgeist.  Themes in each song are evoked in the pieces of art, but were not planned in advance.

Book of Tears

Song of Power

Wing’s Shadow

Wine of Astonishment