Richard joins International Living Building Institute

Thanks to the generous sponsorship of the Rollins College Environmental and Growth Studies Department, Richard Reep has agreed to become a Volunteer Ambassador of the International Living Building Institute‘s Living Building Challenge.

“I approve,” stated Dr. Lee Lines, the Diane and Michael Maher Chair of Distinguished Teaching.   The ILBI’s mission and goals, with a close affinity with the department’s interest in sustainability, are to create structures that are restorative to the environment.  Not only do these buildings generate power and produce clean water, the design standards relate to the core precepts of sustainable development.

Mr. Reep, President-Elect of the AIA, will be in training to become a volunteer ambassador to the Living Building Challenge.  As such he will be able to share information about this challenge with owners, governments, and communities on ways that existing buildings and new facilities may meet these rigorous standards.

“Few look at buildings as restorative organisms,” commented Mr. Reep.  “While most native construction is embedded in the landscape, our western scientific approach to architecture has separated buildings from nature.  The Living Building Challenge appears to be a pathway towards restoring the balance between man and nature.”

For information on the Living Building Challenge, contact Mr. Reep via this website or writing